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Case Study:


Call centre technology provider, NewVoiceMedia, sought to expand their existing client base in the UK. To do this NewVoiceMedia delivered a PR and marketing campaign directed at Business owners, customer experience managers, and IT directors in the UK who manage the customer experience or business telephony. To form the basis of the campaign strong and comprehensive research collateral was required so to be of use to the target audience as well as be of interest to media owners.


To underpin NewVoiceMedia’s expansion strategies, Opinion Matters worked directly with the organisation to carry out research amongst UK consumers to achieve several outcomes:

  • Inform a media relations campaign to create brand awareness amongst NewVoiceMedia’s target audience
  • Generate news to be used in marketing collateral and an industry report with the aim of establishing NewVoiceMedia as a leading authority in customer service and drive lead generation through enquiries and report downloads from its website.


NewVoiceMedia’s initial intention was to research the target audience to discover their approach to customer service within call centres. However, following consultation with Opinion Matters, it was decided that in order to generate more impactful data, the research would be better aimed at UK consumers, exploring their behaviours and attitudes towards customer service as customers as they are the people who are directly experiencing varying degrees of customer service.

By directing the market research towards UK consumers, the potential reach of the PR campaign would be increased as it would be of interest to both business and consumer/lifestyle media outlets. The results would also be more of interest to NewVoiceMedia’s end client and encourage more engagement with their marketing collateral and industry report. The findings would also be a further asset for NewVoiceMedia to use in its own product development.


With the strong research results, NewVoiceMedia were able to achieve their business objectives:

  • Deliver the “serial switchers” media relations and marketing campaign and widen their target market. The outreach encompassed a series of media outreaches, thought leadership activity and mailers. Key coverage included: Bloomberg Business Week, The Drum,, The Daily Express, Daily Star, and
  • Created a report and infographic to drive lead generation through enquiries and report downloads. The infographic was also used by bloggers and featured in online publications and newsletters – it has been read over 2000 times.
  • The research finding enabled NewVoiceMedia to host a round table event for journalists and influential industry leaders and key clients. NewVoiceMedia led thought on customer service and discussed the research findings.
  • The success of the market research gave NewVoiceMedia a platform to conduct a repeat campaign with a US target audience. This has proved essential to NewVoiceMedia’s strategy to expand into the US market and develop the business in this territory.