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Panasonic wanted to test its prototype handset to understand how people who used handsets regularly thought about the key functionality. This would help them understand what worked well, and provide them with an insight as to what people thought of their prototype and how their handset fared against others.


We created, oversaw and moderated an event that had a series of scanning device tests for participants who usually used scanning devices in their day to day work to take part in, and provide feedback. We worked with our client to create questions to provide an insight into functionality, practicality and ease of which held scanning devices can be operated.


The research has been used in articles and a white paper which can be found on the Panasonic website, providing an overview of the research and highlighting the benefits that were found by the respondents about the new product. A video is available on the Panasonic website and YouTube outlining what tests were undertaken, along with the views of the respondents.

The research was also noted in articles in Laptop Research, Real Wire (Online media press release distribution service), Courier News, Output links EMA (a site who server those who buy, sell, manage and provide resources within the high volume transaction output (HVTO) industry), and