Market Intelligence

Communications & PR

Compelling concept-driven research…

As we all know, compelling content and key messages are crucial ingredients for successful communications strategies. Our intelligent insight will help bring your stories to life. We are experts in creating theme and concept-driven research for sales and marketing materials. We also deliver thought leadership materials and whitepapers.

Our research expertise, strong PR editorial backgrounds, and personal experience of selling in to the media, mean we have a passion for creating attention-grabbing content.  We also target your most relevant audiences.

Customer & Competitor Intelligence

Do you really know your customers?

Without an understanding of your customers, you will never have a competitive advantage. From auditing your performance (or that of your competitors), to monitoring your potential audiences, our customer research will give you the ammunition you need to make informed business decisions.

Know who you’re up against…

Strategizing should not be a guessing game. If you want to win, you need to know your competition. By understanding who else you’re up against, you won’t be left behind. Our research monitors analyse existing players, frontrunners, challengers and future threats. This knowledge means you can see what they’re doing and whether your organisation should also be doing it – and how to do it better. We can focus on whole industries or sectors, or just one organisation. We carry out audits and customer satisfaction surveys, as well as tracking and monitoring research.


Product Concept & Evaluation

We take away the risk…

When you come up with a business concept or product idea, without understanding the market and its potential, it’s hard to tell whether it’ll be a success or not. With our insights, we can take away risk. By providing valuable and relevant data, we can increase your chances of success– from market and product testing, gauging reactions, and monitoring performance. What’s more, we can check how your products and services are performing against competitors. Our research scrutinises what it’s like to be a customer on the receiving end of your business, and whether there are improvements to be made.