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Opinion Matters is an award winning insight agency, providing consultancy and market research solutions for businesses, organisations and agencies in the UK and overseas. Founded in 2000 as a communications driven research specialist, our expertise is now also key to providing foundations for creating business strategies, gaining insight on perceptions, collecting audience intelligence, providing product development insight, or establishing reaction and need created by compliance and legislation. 

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Opinion Matters provides research participants with an excellent experience ensuring that they consider their responses and providing us with quality insight. This is fundamental to the output we go on to use the research for.

Berkeley PR
Associate Director

Opinion Matters provided us with insightful recommendations when it came to conducting research to help us understand our marketplace in more depth. They also enabled us to research our own customer base which provided interesting comparatives when put against their independent panels of parents and children, and has fed significantly into our strategic business thinking and future planning.

Stagecoach Theatre Arts Ltd
Head of Marketing & Communications

I was really impressed that Opinion Matters could reach a panel of consumers which was incredibly niche, the respondents had to be taking part in a very small number of amateur running and cycling events in the UK. They turned this project round quickly and offered their expert advice on the phrasing of the questions as well as the best way to reach our target consumers, helping us deliver results to the client on time and in budget.

Senior Account Manager

Whilst others might have a bigger reputation, Opinion Matters deliver and deliver well. We’ve found that working with a more known research company results in them getting the brand mentioned in the media coverage, and that isn’t why we commission research for PR purposes! With Opinion Matters, we not only get angles and statistics, our clients stand a better chance of securing the brand mention.

Managing Director

Having worked with Opinion Matters for over 5 years, they remain my absolute first port of call for any ideas or requirements for research. I’m always delighted by the service I receive, and the conversion into great quality assets and media coverage. Their unique understanding and respect for my objectives (PR, Marketing and Comms) has proven invaluable to my research projects - it’s like working with an internal department.

1&1 Internet
Head of PR, Global Hosting

Working with Opinion Matters is a partnership and allows us to have a specialist insight division within our in-house team. They understand fully what we want to use the research for not just for marketing & communications purposes but also from a business perspective. The advice they offer on how to get more from our research not just in terms of who we ask, what we ask and how we ask helps us to leverage more from the results in terms of strategy, content and opportunities.

Associate Director
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